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The most sought-after skills

Growth Engineer

Growth Engineering is the sub-section of Growth responsible for the technical implementation of growth experiments on user acquisition (SEO / Paid), conversion (A/B Testing, Onboarding) and product improvements. They also build internal tools to support the growth process.


A growth marketer is someone who performs constant, iterative testing throughout the funnel, and uses the results to develop data-driven strategy updates that increase key performance indicators. Think of it as a CMO-lite, or a modernized marketing director.


The outbound marketing manager plays a key role in achieving these two missions by creating and running strategic marketing campaigns to drive customer engagement in the outbound channel (e-mail, push, SMS, etc.), identifying JP’s critical customer needs and experience gaps, and proposing experience improvements.


The Lead Generation Manager is skilled at buying and/or selling leads or calls to customers looking to maximize their profits and marketing returns. … Research customer segments, clients and strategies to increase the number of qualified leads. Work directly with potential customers.

Copywriting Manager

The Copywriting Manager oversees the design and content of several publications. He/she manages a group of copywriters, freelancers and research assistants. As CopyWriting Manager, he/she reviews all assignments prior to publication to ensure content accuracy and compliance with internal and external policies.


The automation marketer uses software to automate mundane, repetitive marketing tasks. Companies use automation to find prospects, make sales and maintain customer relationships. … Once the sales team has identified a lead, it can start converting it into a paying customer.

Inbound Marketer

The inbound marketer is responsible for attracting qualified prospects to your website and helping you convert them into leads and customers, using relevant and useful online content.

Paid Acquisition

Paid Acquisition is responsible for online acquisition channels. Manage the strategy, configuration, bidding, tracking, measurement and optimization of all paid campaigns and channels. … You follow trends in online marketing and keep abreast of new strategies, tools and potential channels in the field of paid marketing.

SEO Manager

The SEO Manager is a search marketing professional responsible for designing and implementing an SEO strategy within an organization. He or she may be employed by a marketing agency or be part of an in-house marketing team. … They carry out technical SEO and create content for the organization’s website.

Brand Strategist

A brand strategist is a marketing professional responsible for a company’s strategy and messaging. Effective brand strategists understand their company’s product and target audience, and can design customer experiences that translate into sales.

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