AI applied to Marketing

2H30 hours of workshop based on real case study and participant needs

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April 3rd, 2024


Wellio, 11 Avenue Delcassé 75008 Paris


4-4:30 PM : Fundamental of AI
4:30-5PM : Panorama of main tools and interaction system
5PM-6Pm: Hands-on Session : building participants case studies
6PM-7PM (optional) : Deepdive case study modeling.

Learn how to integrate AI logic into your processes and products

Discover the most popular tools on the market

Determine the most relevant use cases for your business

Use Cases

🛠️ Structure : Fundamental of IA, curated Tools, Use-cases, Methodology, Individual Practice sessions

Guillaume ROSTAND

Content Marketing

Doubling Content and Traffic: Liligo’s AI-Driven Success Story

Discover how Liligo leveraged AI to revolutionize their content strategy, doubling their content output and website traffic in record time.

Guillaume ROSTAND

Product Marketing

Crafting the Future of Travel: Liligo’s AI Journey to Tomorrow’s Ultimate App

Explore how Liligo is harnessing the power of AI to design the travel app of tomorrow, redefining the future of travel technology and user experience.


Content Marketing

Revolutionizing Podcast Production: Mateerz’s 80% Time Reduction Through AI

Learn the innovative way Mateerz slashed their podcast production time by 80% through the strategic use of AI, setting a new standard in content creation efficiency.

Guillaume ROSTAND

Creative Marketing

Mastering Mass Video Creation: Insights from Liligo Marketing Team

Dive into the transformative journey of our marketing team as they mastered the art of generating mass video content, elevating our B2C retail strategy to new heights.


Automation Marketing & Lead Generation

Automation made smarter : How Mateerz’s is using AI to boost marketing workflows

Discover how to enhance your workflows by leveraging tools such as Make and the OpenAI API, optimizing data processing for improved lead generation.

Guest / OR Nawfal LAGHZALI

Content Marketing

Unleashing SEO Potential: Startups’ Success with Programmatic SEO Powered by AI

Explore how startups are leveraging AI for Programmatic SEO, transforming their online visibility and search engine dominance with innovative, aggregated use cases.


Product Marketing

Decoding Customer Insights: Mastering Product Feedback Analysis

Unlock the secrets hidden within customer feedback, as we delve into sophisticated techniques for analyzing product responses, driving enhancements, and shaping future developments.

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